5 oz Copper Lincoln Wheat Penny - 2.5 inch Size (64mm)

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5 oz Copper Lincoln Wheat Penny - 2.5 inch Size (64mm)

Diameter: 2.5" | 64 mm

Thickness: 0.24" | 6.07 mm

Weight: 5 Ounces | 142 gr

This 2 1/2 inch coin is 1 inch larger in diameter than a Silver Dollar, these 5 ounce Copper Lincoln Wheat Pennies are gorgeous coins for coin productions. Each penny weighs FIVE full ounce, and is made from SOLID COPPER (.999 FINE COPPER). The coin is NOT plated.

The coin has REEDED edges for an easy grip.

They are HEAVY and THICK. Each coin is almost 1/4" thick. Thicker than your standard magician's Jumbo Coin. (Standard magician's Jumbo Coins have a 3" diameter and are about 3/16" thick.)

Each coin looks exactly like a big penny on their face/obverse side.

The reverse has the old familiar wheat design, but contains the private mint's name and the coins metal content and weight. The reverse therefor resembles a wheat penny, but is not really exactly a wheat penny.

These coins are instantly fascinating to laymen. As an oddity, they attract attention and will amuse your audience when you use them for production items or for coin manipulation.

Each coin is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.


  • 1 x 5 oz Copper Lincoln Wheat Penny - 2.5 inch Size (64mm)





2.5 inch (64mm)
Weight per ea:
5 oz (142 gr)


Artist or Manufacturer:


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