6 Shot Lota Vase | Copper | Mirror

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6 Shot Lota Vase | Copper | Mirror 1




6 Shot Lota Vase | Copper | Mirror

The 6 Shot Lota Vase in Copper Mirror can repeatedly pour at least six shots of any liquid after clearly inverting the vase and apparently draining it of its contents. This little vase is a beautiful piece of polished copper magic apparatus. Ordinary Lota Vases or Lota Bowls are sealed shut and only water can be safely used in them, but this vase is different because the vase can be opened up and washed, rinsed and dried allowing the performer to use any liquid they wish and have no concern about draining the vase. The lid and bottom of the vase are precision spun so they nest tightly together and form a water-tight seal.
Perfect for Magic Bartenders, the vase is elegant enough to sit behind a bar and await its moment to be used. It is small enough for it to be used table side, and although several comedy presentations are available in magic publications for a performer looking for a running gag during their performance, don't underestimate how amazing this effect is when performed as serious magic.
We say with confidence, this is the single best miniature Lota available to magicians today.

Now includes one of our 3/4" Mini Shot Glasses! This mini shot glass makes each and every pour look like it fills the shot glass to capacity.

6 Shot Lota Vase Craftsmanship

Each vase is hand spun from the original RNT II tooling from .050 copper and polished to a glossy mirror finish exterior with a flat satin finish interior. The lid and bottom nest together tightly for a water tight seal.


  • 1 Six Shot Lota Vase
  • 1 3/4oz Shot Glass
  • Deluxe carrying bag





Height per ea:
3 3/8 inch
Weight per ea:
5.5 oz (156g)




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