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The Medieval Tarot Force Set You get 19 Tarot cards, all identical. You will be able to force this card very easily and convincingly for the spectator when adding this block of cards into your Medieval Tarot . If you buy two Force Sets you will be able to build your own half Force Deck...

The Medieval Tarot Gone Wild The Medieval Tarot Gone Wild is an absolute highlight! Perform a fantastic and beautiful Wild Card routine with your Medieval Tarot! Based on an idea of Joerg Alexander (The Flicking Fingers) you take several cards out of the deck and change these cards together...

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The Misfit Deck The Force Deck with a free choice - Literally! The Misfit Deck allows a very interesting premise (and several presentations are included): The spectator names any card in a deck of 52. This is a totally free, mentally selected card. The spectator is then...

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Thought of Cards Across by Morgan and West Morgan & West have created probably the cleanest approach to the Card Across Plot! Ten black and ten red cards are shown. The spectator mentally selects any of the black cards. Without ANY fancy moves, the chosen card vanishes from the pack of...

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Tossed Out Tarot Do you believe in the Power of Tarot cards? From the inventor of Get Sharky - World‘s Best Magic Effect in 2010* – comes a new effect that has a stronger impact than any other effect done with playing cards on stage; because it uses Tarot cards! Christoph...
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