Classic Cups | Copper | Black Chrome

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Artist or Manufacturer:Rings-N-Things


Classic Cups | Copper | Black Chrome

The Classic Cups are for the performer who needs the same load capabilities of that of the Paul Fox cups, but is looking for a more common looking cup. Elegant simple lines, with no center bead, give these cups an innocent appearance, negating any notion that the cups are actually props made for the purpose of a magic performance. They look like a real cup, nothing fancy or flashy, but are, in reality, a cleverly designed shape and size to provide a performer with a all the tools they need for a magnificent performance of the cups and balls.


Each cup is hand spun from the original Ring ‘N Things tooling to replicate the original Classic cup design in .050 copper and plated with a Black Nickel Chrome exterior and a Bright Nickel interior.
Made in USA


  • 3 Classic Cups
  • 4 x 7/8" RNT Red Balls
  • Velvet Bag





Height per ea:
2 7/8 inch
Height per set:
4 7/8 inch
Inside Diameter:
2 5/8 inch
Inside Depth:
2 5/8 inch
Saddle Diameter:
1 3/4 inch
Dimple Depth:
1/8 inch
Weight per ea:
5 oz (142g)
Weight per set:
15 oz (425g)

Recommended Balls

All Purpose:
7/8 inch (22mm)
2 Balls Nested:
7/8 inch (22mm)
3 Balls Nested:
7/8 inch (22mm)
Load Ball:
2 3/8 inch (60mm)


Artist or Manufacturer:


Held up all summer on an extreme busker's schedule without any chrome peeling off despite being dropped at least a dozen times on hard concert and asphalt. A friend says that's because whoever made these made them right, that "they weren't dipped" like cheap chrome is.

None of my laymen friends could understand why I paid so much for them saying "they look like normal cups to me" ... which is exactly why I paid so much for them, they look nothing like a magic prop. These cups look like something a bartender would use to mix drinks and raise no suspicions what-so-ever. Much better look than copper and they are easy to clean too, just wipe them down. The best cups I've ever used.

Bottom line ... these cups far exceeded my exceptions. Money well spent. :)
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