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Hot Rod Set | Padauk

The Magpie Magic Hot Rod Set consist of three matching, steel shimmed, exotic wood paddles with Swarovski crystals embedded in them. One changes to brilliant white 7 mm Swarovski crystals, another changes to bright red 7mm Swarovski crystals, the third is a Flash Rod with six different crystals on each side: examinable. Each paddle is 4" long. A Magnetic Wallet, and a carrying cases for the three rods is included.

The Magnetic Wallet is a leather wallet for your hip pocket. It's constructed from a high quality black leather and holds a very strong 2" round N52 neodymium disc magnet. The 2" round magnet provides a very large area for holding out the duplicate shimmed paddle and switching or ditching the paddles. The magnet lays flat inside the wallet so it is unseen from outside the pocket. The Magnetic Wallet works just as well holding chopped balls, color changing knives or shimmed coins.
When the Magnetic Wallet is added to the inside jacket pocket it can be used as a quick hanger for shimmed items inside the jacket.

The Carrying Case is constructed from high quality black vinyl and allows you to carry your Hot Rods in style. One carrying case holds all three Hot Rods is provided.

With two matching Hot Rods you can repeat a performance of the trick and change the rod to a different color or you can routine a switch so you can change the rod to two different colors during one performance. Each wooden paddle is four inches long to accommodate as wide an array of versatility for paddle moves as possible yet still be large enough for the audience to see.

Hot Rod Set | Padauk Craftsmanship

The Magpie Magic Hot Rod Set is made from exotic African Padauk hardwood, and embedded with Swarovski crystals. The wood is very hard and polished to a smooth luster then waxed to give it a brilliant shine. You will find that the paddle move is very simple to do with these paddles as they are an optimum thickness and width. We tried several different widths and thicknesses before settling on these specific dimensions, all in an attempt to simply the handling of the paddle for the moves and maintain, largest size practical and fit the large 7mm Swarovski crystals.

Hot Rod Set | Padauk Includes

  • 1 Hot Rod - Turns Red
  • 1 Hot Rod - Turns White
  • 1 Flash Rod - All colors on both sides
  • 1 Magnetic Wallet
  • 1 Hot Rod Carrying Case

The Magpie Magic Hot Rod Set is made entirely in the USA.



Wood Species:


4 inch
Weight per ea:
0.6 oz (17g)
Weight per set:
1.2 oz (34g)


Magpie Magic


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