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Artist or Manufacturer:Card-Shark

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Klaus the Mouse

Klaus the Mouse is the cutest trick you may ever perform.

But don't underestimate this effect, it's not just "cute", it's one of Card Shark's best selling convention effects for over a year! Women love the mouse, men are amazed by the mouse, the mouse is simply... a star.

Klaus the Mouse is a wind-up toy, but a "trained" wind-up toy that will find any selected and signed playing card. In a ribbon spread of cards, Klaus will not only stop at the spectator‘s card; he pushes away all other cards above it! Or he it will immediately kick out the chosen card from the card spread!

The mouse is cleverly gimmicked and works with any Poker Deck! Yes, any Poker Deck!

The effect is easy to perform, the mouse can be examined as well as the spectator's freely chosen card. You will love this cute new assistant.

The mouse comes in random colors. Give Klaus a good home in your magic repertoire.


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