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Metamorphosis Pro Version

Metamorphosis Pro Version includes caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies right in the spectator's hands!

This is a beautiful and stunning close-up effect with playing cards that don't look like playing cards & doesn't look like a card trick. If you perform card tricks you can perform Metamorphosis - it utilizes ordinary card sleights - but the impact on the audience is something more than an ordinary card trick. It has charm, history, science, nature and beauty.

In the effect, you present your great-grandfather's vintage collectible cards - the remains of his childhood collection - showing uncolored caterpillars, like panels from a child's coloring book.

You have discovered that these cards are filled with magic and mystery. With the spectator's help you magically paint the caterpillars in the colors named by the spectator.

Placing the cards into the spectator's hand, the unexpected miracle happens: instead of merely changing their color, the caterpillars are magically transformed into beautiful butterflies, matching the spectator's named colors! But wait...

In the Pro Version, the last butterfly vanishes from the card and appears on the back of the spectator's hand, a magical and touching souvenir!

With this version you can also perform the routine of the Original Version but will additionally be able to produce memorable souvenirs for the spectator.

Highly recommended: If you give away the die-cut butterflies as souvenirs, you can get an a refill with 24 butterfly die-cuts in Victorian style here: Metamorphosis Pro Refill

Comes several handling ideas, and special bonus card.

Metamorphosis Pro Version Includes

  • 1 Metamorphosis Pro Version
  • 24 butterfly die-cuts
  • Written Instructions



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