Mini 3/4 oz Shot Glass

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Mini 3/4 oz Shot Glass

The Mini Shot Glass, standing only 1 7/8 inches (4.7625 cm) tall, is an ideal size for our Paul Fox Mini Combo Cups, Paul Fox Mini Chop Cup and Don Alan Mini Chop Cups, but could be used as loads for the standard Paul Fox Mini Cups.

For quite a few years magicians have been using shot glasses with Combo Cup sets and Chop Cup to perform Ron Wilson's segment and Gary Ouellet's routine, where an empty glass is placed on a table and covered with a handkerchief. Then a ball is placed on the handkerchief and the entire glass, hanky and ball is covered with a cup. Upon lifting the cup, either the ball has disappeared (as in Gary Ouellet's Two Goblets routine), or the ball is now beneath the handkerchief and in the glass (as in Ron Wilson's routine). This is a very magical segment that can be included into any Combo Cups routine or Chop Cup routine, if you have a glass that fits under the cup. Now, after combing the world, we have finally found a small glass that fits under the cups listed above so this magial segment can be included when performing with miniature cups.

Additionally, these Mini Shot Glasses could be produced as loads from under a set of PF Mini Cups.


Each Mini Shot Glass is made from real glass, not plastic.


  • 1 Mini Shot Glass
  • 1 Velvet Bag Small



Height per ea:
1 7/8 inch
Saddle Diameter:
1 3/8 inch
1 1/2 inch
Weight per ea:
0.25 oz (7g)


Artist or Manufacturer:


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