Mini Invisible Purse | Antique Bronze

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Mini Invisible Purse | Antique Bronze

The Mini Invisible Purse is an adorable change from the standard el-cheapo brass purse frame that so many performers are using. The mouth of the purse frame is small, but large enough to produce balls, sponges, quarters, half-dollars or even silver dollars from this exquisite looking purse frame.
It is small enough to be carried without effort in your pocket, but at two inches (50mm) between the hinges it is definitely large enough to produce a 39mm American silver dollar coin.
It's ornate in its curved design, with a kiss-lock, and has a heavy clear coat over its Antique Bronze finish.


  • 1 Mini Invisible Purse



Height per ea:
2 inch
2 inch
3/8 inch
Weight per ea:
0.6 oz


Artist or Manufacturer:


Sturdy construction, beautiful finish, overall a classy piece. The purse frame is generally a magic prop where it doesn't make a huge difference in performance weather you have an expensive or a cheap one, so it's mostly about looks and comfort in your hand really. Yes the quality materials and constructions mean it will last a long time too, It's really it's appearance that drew me to this one. The only reason I didn't rate it as excellent is that it's a bit smaller than I was expecting. Yes, it's exactly the dimensions that are listed on the site, but until I had it I didn't realize how small that really was in my hands. I have large hands, and the two inch wide purse its a bit of a pinch to reach my fingers into. Even a 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider would make it more comfortable for me to use.
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