Okito Coin Box Set | Kingwood

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Okito Coin Box Set | Mayan Bloodwood


Manufacturer:Moonlight Magic Productions


Okito Coin Box Set | Kingwood

NEW DESIGN: Wood inlaid brass lid

The Moonlight Magic Okito Coin Box Sets consist of three boxes: a regular, slotted, and, Boston box, and a matching lid. These are designed to be used with U.S. HALF DOLLAR size coins. The boxes hold FOUR coins in a stack. They will also accommodate an expanded shell. They are bottom-heavy and have a wide rim that facilitates the balancing of a coin.They are properly weighted. Their design insures that the lids do not "hang up" upon removal. If you like coin magic, you will love this set.

Okito Coin Box Set | Kingwood Craftsmanship

Each Moonlight Magic Okito Coin Box is made from solid brass, and, trimmed with wood. Moonlight Magic Productions says this about the box: "The nature of the design of these boxes, which, are tricky to manufacture (no pun), dictates that the wood trim around the outside be somewhat lacking in thickness. Some of the woods, even though they are classified as hardwoods, can be brittle, and, can crack easily when struck as a result of some of the moves I have seen used by some magicians. Some of these moves are interesting, and, impressive, as well as, maybe useful, but, should be employed at your own risk. One of my Ebony sets was ruined when a talented young fellow at a convention decided to use one of these moves, throwing the lid at the box, or visa-verse. I didn't notice until later that the wood was cracked as a result of the impact. So, please consider the routines, and, moves that may be involved in the way you intend to use these boxes before purchasing. I know some performers who have been using these boxes for a long time, and, in very lengthy routines. They have been holding up very well with no problems for several years. We are keeping track of those in heavy use to see if any problems develop. So far, so good, but, we are sure these performers are not subjecting the boxes to the same rough/risky treatment as mentioned above, so please keep this information in mind when considering a purchase, and, by the way, thank you for considering a purchase! "

Okito Coin Box Set | Kingwood Specifications

  • Coin Size: US Half Dollar
  • Coin Capacity: 4
  • Box Weight w/ Lid: 3.2 oz.
  • Box Set Weight w/ Lid: 6.2 oz.

Okito Coin Box Set | Kingwood Includes

  • 1 Moonlight Magic Regular Okito Coin Box.
  • 1 Moonlight Magic Slotted Okito Coin Box.
  • 1 Moonlight Magic Boston Style Okito Coin Box.
  • 1 Moonlight Magic Okito Coin Box Lid.
  • 1 Custom flannel carrying bag



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Moonlight Magic Productions


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