Olive Cocktail Size | Magnetic

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Olive Cocktail Size | Magnetic

Our Olive Cocktail Size | Magnetic are offered individually so you can build your own combination.

Each olives has a strong neodymium magnet in it,

These are our second generation of artificial olives. This time, we've created our own unique molds for this new design and have full control over their size and shape, so each individual olive is identical. They are remarkably realistic in appearance. They have a good solid weight, heavier than a real olive would weigh, and they are an optimal size for a wide variety of uses. Each olive is pitted and pimento stuffed with a realistic looking rubber pimento slice.

Magnetic Olive DiagramThe magnetic attraction is across the width of the olive. It is axially magnetized, so one side is positive, the other side is negative. This ensures that the magnetic attraction will be strong regardless of whether you are adhering it to another axially magnetized surface or a diametrically magnetized surface.

These rubber olives are ideal for close-up bar magic and cocktail party workers. They can be used with our Chop Cups, Mini Chop Cups and Combo Cups, or with PK devices.

Our Giant Olive makes a terrific finale to a routine with these olives.
Made in the USA


  • 1 Olive Cocktail Size | Magnetic



1 inch
3/4 inch
Weight per ea:
0.2 oz (6g)
Weight per set:
0.5 oz (14)


Artist or Manufacturer:


Tried this with 2 different chop cups and it works great! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Very nice, handle great, different and interesting for magic!

These are the coolest!
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