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One Night You Can't Stand

When Christian showed me "One Night You Can't Stand" at Magi-Fest 2012 I thought it was fantastic. He only had the trick in production, so I've been waiting for Card-Shark to release this trick since then. It is hilarious!
I think it's a great packet effect that plays to guys in a bar. It's something new for the regulars, and it can be repeated with a different outcome. Plus, Roger Nicot has included a clever prediction with the trick that makes it more entertaining.

The trick includes Card-Shark Parour Size playing cards that are head shots of pretty girls that appear to be from a dating service. The dating service's name is printed on the back. The spectator picks the kind of girl that he likes and she's placed face up on the table. When the girl's picture is turned so he can see her portrait right side up, an illusion takes place that deforms the girls face right before the poor guy's eyes.
If you write in a girl's name on the back of each card (there's a place for that), you can additionally predict the name of the girl that the guy will pick.

Card-Shark presentation:

Imagine you are out with friends, having some drinks; maybe one or two too many. A group of beautiful girls enter the bar, one more gorgeous than the other.
You cannot believe it! YOU get to take YOUR pick of the lovely ladies tonight! Much to your surprise, your "Beauty for the Night" turns out to be the only ugly one the next morning.

An Extremely Baffling Routine! All the ladies are visible the entire time, but no matter which portrait they choose, she turns out be hideous.

One Night You Can't Stand Includes

  • 1 One Night You Can't Stand Cards
  • Written Instructions



Artist or Manufacturer:


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