Phoenix 12 Deck Dispenser Box



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Phoenix 12 Deck Dispenser Box

Finally, your Phoenix Decks get their place they deserve: inside our new Phoenix Dispenser Box for 12 Poker decks!

In 2009 we launched our Phoenix Deck. Since then every dozen Phoenix Decks left our warehouse inside a neutral, white USPC brick box, the standard packaging of non-standard USPC Poker Decks. (USPC calls it a brick as it has about the size and weight of a brick in the wall.) As a card magician you kept your decks inside this neutral box or just placed the Phoenix Decks on your shelf. With the NEW Phoenix Dispenser Box you can now display your decks with style:

  • The windows in the front show you the remaining decks while you can comfortably remove the decks one by one from the absolute bottom.
  • The top of the box has a flap so that you can easily refill your dispenser box.
  • The decks are automatically used in first-in-first-out (FIFO) order, keeping your decks fresh and in the order you purchased them.
  • Comes with free Online DVD "Release the Power".
  • Available in three different setups: with 12 red, 12 blue or a mix of 6 red and 6 blue Phoenix Decks.


  • 12 Phoenix Decks in Dispenser Box



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