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Artist or Manufacturer:Card-Shark
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Phoenix Double Decker | Poker Size

For the first time ever you can get a deck containing 104 cards that matches perfectly a professionally produced card deck. This allows new effects never possible before. Because a spectator will never expect that underneath the first 52 cards (54 with Jokers) is waiting another complete deck of playing cards.

Key features of the Phoenix Double Decker:

  • The cards of the Double-Decker are so ultra-thin that two complete decks incl. Jokers fit into a regular card case!
  • Design, playing card size and corner roundings exactly match the regular Phoenix Deck
  • Card case of the Double-Decker is produced at US Playing Card Company to match the card case of the regular Phoenix Deck and allows an easy deck switch
  • The backs are marked like the Phoenix Marked Deck and therefore allows additional handlings
  • The Double-Decker can be ordered in several combinations and allows applications according to the Phil Deck, Trilogy etc.
  • Roughing the cards will add a little thickness to the cards, but still 104 cards fit into the card case. For easily roughing the cards we invented the Phoenix Spray Grid that holds the thin cards in their position during the preparation
  • Gluing cards in pairs is also possible, the added thickness does not prevent to still put the two full decks into the card case.



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