Phoenix Parlour Invisible Deck



Artist or Manufacturer:Card-Shark
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Phoenix Parlour Invisible Deck

You remove an "Invisible Deck" of cards from your pocket.

Have a spectator shuffle the deck, then cut it. Now, have him "remove" one card from the deck and "show" it to everyone... keep in mind the deck isn't really there!

Tell the spectator to turn his card face down and replace it in the pack. Now, you bring out a "visible pack." Have the spectator name his card -- the one he selected from the "Invisible Deck". Run through the visible cards until you find one face down card. And, sure enough, it is the card selected by the spectator!

No forces-no sleights.

The famous trick deck that does all the work for you - now in Phoenix Parlour Deck size and quality. Produced in best Card-Shark quality without the suspicious matte look.

Phoenix Parlour Invislbe Deck comes in a regular Parlour card case.



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