Royal Wave - Large Index Poker size



Artist or Manufacturer:Card-Shark

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Royal Wave - Large Index Poker size Video Demo


Royal Wave - Large Index Poker size

You show a card wallet containing four Kings.

Every man is nothing without the woman he loves, so you take out the four Queens from a deck of cards and give them to a spectator to shuffle. Let him randomly select one of the Queens so that nobody knows which card he has chosen.

You take the cards from the wallet, face down, and place them next to the selected card. Let the spectator turn over the Queen to show his selection. When you spread the pack of Kings, the King matching the selected Queen turned face-up between the other face-down cards. Say that there can only be one perfect King for a Queen, as you turn over the King to show that he has the same back color like the Queen. Finally, turn over the other three cards to show that all other cards are blank!

A new and fresh twist for a classic effect.

You will receive BOTH, a set of Queens AND a set of Kings, showing red backs. The blank cards will have blue backs for an additional climax. This way you can start with the Queens showing in the wallet, or the Kings.

Only available in Large Index Poker size Phoenix cards!



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