Sherpa Pen - Mr Pinstripe

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Sherpa Pen - Mr Pinstripe

Sherpa Pen with Silver tips, Silver bands, and Silver pinstripes on a Black colored surface.

The stylish Sherpa Pen transforms your Sharpie marker into a sophisticated piece of equipment. Thousands of close-up magicians rely upon Sharpie markers every day. The pen YOU rely upon can add style to all your close-up performances. The Sherpa Pen allows you to use the Sharpie marker for your performances, and take advantage of the Sharpie marker's reliability, while at the same time dressing up the pen so it reflects your own discriminating tastes.

The Sherpa™ Pen is a unique pen shell that holds a variety of disposable pens and markers as its refill including Sharpie®, Pilot® pen, uni-ball® pens and Accent® highlighters. It comes in many different styles for you to enjoy. Each Sherpa™ is designed with an innovative cap to keep the color of your marker or pen bold and fresh every time.

The Sherpa Pen includes 1 black Sharpie marker.



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