Tamed Cards - by Tommy Wonder

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Tamed Cards - by Tommy Wonder

Tommy Wonder was one of the top performers and thinkers in magic, many consider him one of the most important magicians of our time.

His "Books of Wonder", published by Hermetic Press as well as the "Visions of Wonder", published by L&L Publishing, demonstrate a master at work and should be on every magician‘s shelf.

In both publications, one effect stood remarkably out and is one of the best Wild Card Effects of all time: The Tamed Card.

For more than ten years, only pro magicians afforded the custom made sets to perform this strong effect. Now you have the chance to dive into the genius of Tommy Wonder, using these cards.

You get:

  • 4 Wildcard-Sets with red Phoenix backs, prepared and "ready to go"
  • marked Phoenix Force-Deck with long separator cards
  • DVD (English), containing the "Tamed Card" part of Tommy Wonder's "Visions of Wonder" DVD, available at L&L Publishing
  • Booklet (English), containing the "Tamed Card" chapter of Tommy Wonder's "Books of Wonder" book, available at Hermetic Press





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