The Medieval Tarot Deck Extension Set



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The Medieval Tarot Deck Extension Set

Increase the possibilities of your Medieval Tarot. With this extension set you will get several possibilities for your bizarre effects or other inspiring and thrilling stories.

You will get 28 gaffed cards, which can be perfectly added to your Medieval Tarot. For instance you will get:

The magician performs the Linking Rings, you will get a card where the magician has an empty right hand, holds one ring and two linked rings.

The devil vanishes from his card and appears on the card of the Lovers, the Hanged Man or the Magician.

The Justice is murdered by her own sword from behind, also the scientist on the "3 of Swords" is murdered, in his former drawn circle there appears a pentagram in bloodred color.

On the "4 of Pentacles" the coins vanish one by one, finally all coins disappear. The fitting coins (optional, will be added soon to my shop) can be produced afterwards and then you move over to a 4 coin matrix.

Several other gaffed cards will inspire you to perform other effects together with The Medieval Tarot Deck!.


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