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Well... today I just added a web-based Translator to

This is a little widget that translates the entire website into an array of languages. The translations are all provided by Microsoft and more languages will become available as MS adds them to the service.

I'm not responsible for HOW the language is translated. I hear it's accurate. I hope so.

I've wanted for the LONGEST time to offer translations of my product descriptions, navigation and menus so my customers all over the world can read the content - pictures may be worth 1000 words, but words are still a necessity.

Please feel free to offer you comments or criticisms on this. And by all means, please checkout the translations for KLINGON!

Also, the widget is disabled for mobile phone and tablet browsers as it is just not compatible with smaller screen sizes. As soon as Microsoft updates the widget so it's able to be used on the smaller screens I'll set it up.




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