Your cups are awesome. I'm particularly impressed with the chop cup. And what speedy service. Thank you so much.

I can't believe how fast my order arrived. Quickest shipping ever. Thanks!

You're making them like they use to!

Got six heavy load balls (Donnie arranged the discount to apply for a mix of colors) and some other small balls on clearance. All beautiful. Plan on buying more soon.

I love Rings-N-Things!

I just received my Johnny Paul cups in nickle plate. They are very nice. I am happy that you have made these available, and glad that you made them out of steel, because I wanted them to be durable.

I purchased Rice Bowls, Zombie, and some cups & balls. The quality is superb, as is Don's customer service. The parcel arrived here in New Zealand in very short time and was well packaged. Don even personally made me a Rings-N-Things sticker for my Zombie box!

The nickel plated cups are superbly done. I must say, probably the finest in my collection. I am so pleased with the work you are doing... and if there is anything I can do to help you please let me know. The quality is just so much higher than any other cups I have seen... and the workmanship supercedes the CNC Johnson cups in terms of precision. But these are hand spun... and are just so much nicer. What you are achieving, in workmanship quality just blows everyone else away, and the cups you are making are so superior to even the original Danny Daw Paul Fox cups, Rings and Things cups... and just about everyone else. Thank you for allowing me to be associated with your company.

I have previous bought a Don Alan mini chop cup and a set of foxy 3 cups. This time it's a workers chop cup and once again I am amazed at the feel and quality of these items. There is no comparison between the cups sold in most magic shops here in the uk and the items sold on ringsnthings. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Shipping was lightning fast too.

It is wonderful to find a suppier who will sell equipment like this piece-meal, rather than making me purchase things I already have in order to get the one thing I might actually need. The products are excellent, shipment was speedy, and customer service/communication was constant. Thank you for a marvellous online shopping experience!
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