Michael Ammar, The Complete Cups and Balls Vol. 2 DVD

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Michael Ammar, The Complete Cups and Balls Vol. 2 DVD

Get the Full DVD via INSTANT Download here: Cups & Balls Michael Ammar - Volume 2 video DOWNLOAD

The Ammar DVDs are absolutely perfect for learning the Cups & Balls. Get to the move you're looking for with just a simple click, advance or rewind, frame by frame, to see every subtlety and nuance. From building blocks to blueprints, you'll be able to construct any type of routine needed! Plus-three cameras watch from perfect angles showing the exact timing, techniques and misdirection needed for confident performing.

Volume Two includes:

  • Advanced Wand Vanishes
  • Through the Fist
  • Through the Hand #2
  • The Mora/Vernon Wand Spin
  • Striking Vanish
  • The Drummer's Spin
  • Opening the Routine
  • Opening Positions
  • One Ahead
  • Two Ahead
  • Three Ahead
  • Four Ahead
  • Other Options
  • Opening Sequences
  • One Ahead Return Opening
  • One Ahead Penetration Sequence
  • Three Ahead Production Sequence
  • Ammar's Opening Production
  • Body Sequences Assembly
  • Miller - Sequence #1
  • Miller - Sequence #2
  • Classic Gathering in Middle
  • All Gather One at a Time
  • Three Gather on Tops of Cups
  • Shower of Balls
  • Click Move Sequence
  • Two-None-Two Sequence
  • Reappearing Inside a Nest
  • Methods of Misdirection
  • Standing or Sitting?
  • Natural Pockets
  • Special Pockets
  • Pouches
  • Edge of the Coat Sleeves
  • Coordinated Timing of Both Hands
  • Timing The Loading Hand
  • Holding the Cup
  • Ending Sequences
  • Classic Elimination Sequence
  • Vernon's Sophisticated Sequence
  • Ending Rhythms
  • Malini/Garcia1-2-3-4
  • The Engaged Spectator
  • Ending
  • Creative Loading Systems
  • Vernon Cups & Balls Routine
  • What might Vernon have done differently?
  • Now-here's what you do...


Running Time Approximately 70min



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