Mendoza Solid Cup | Copper | Mirror Finish

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Mendoza Solid Cup | Copper | Mirror Finish

Available for the first time is a SOLID Mendoza Cup for many Kicker and Sucker effects. OK, it's not really a solid hunk of copper - if it was it would cost a fortune, but it's the next best thing. You cannot tell the difference between this cup and a standard set of Mendoza Combo Cups and it looks and feels for all the world like a solid hunk of copper!

The Mendoza Combo Cups have been hailed as the finest combo cup set you may ever handle, the Mendoza Combo Cups are hand-spun from heavy .064 gauge copper providing a satisfying weight and feel to each cup. The set is designed from the ground up as a combo set resulting in each cup looking and feeling identical, and rendering the gaff undetectable. Polished to a mirror finish, these cups are true copper beauties.

Several leading magicians have demonstrated techniques for invisibly switching in a kicker cup near the end of their routines for fantastic psychological bonus surprises that completely baffle audiences. Imagine adding this cup to YOUR routine!


Each cup is hand spun from .064 copper and the exterior is polished to a glossy mirror finish. The mouth is polished to a glossy mirror finish. The cup is NOT solid copper. There are NO WELDS or SOLDER in the construction of this cup.
Made in USA


Monogrammed Option

Each Velvet Bag (Large) has the option for you to have us embroider your initials on the bag. Your initials, or monogram, will be approximately 2" square just below center of the bag. We embroider with either Silver or Gold Metallic thread.
To add Monogramming to your bag, select one of the YES values from the Monogrammed option and type ONE or TWO initials into the provided text box. An additional charge for the custom monogramming will automatically be included in the price of the cups. These bags, and the Velvet Lined Bags, are the only bags we offer custom monogramming on.
See more images of these bags here: Velvet Bags (Large)





Weight per ea:
1 lb 2 oz (510g)




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