Cardistry Training Blocks | Stainless Steel

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Cardistry Training Blocks | Stainless Steel

A Rings-N-Things Exclusive: the Cardistry Training Blocks are created from solid Stainless Steel plates with milled pips. These blocks are not simply laser engraved: the pips, corner indices, and the back border are milled into the steel with industrial milling machines. The pips and corner indices are recreations of Bicycle or Phoenix playing card faces, with the entire face values milled into the steel.

It took months of trial and error to design these trainers so that they have all the features you would want for practicing card flourishes:

  • The weight of each block is almost 5 ounces (136g) each. All 5 blocks together weigh 1 1/2 pounds (680g), heavy enough for a good workout
  • The edges are not smooth, but textured for a non-slip grip
  • The edges are crisp, but not sharp so you don't cut yourself while handling them
  • Each block is numbered on its face, so you can keep track of the individual blocks
  • Each block has a border milled on its back, so you can quickly see a face down block
  • Each block is 1/8 inch (3mm) thick, so 5 blocks equal the thickness of a deck of cards
  • Each block is exactly the same dimensions as a poker size playing card, with rounded corners.

Practice the flourishes and cuts you know and strengthen the grip of your finger tips. Utilize the blocks to design your own flourishes and cuts. With each block numbered, and each block having a face and back, you can create unique cuts and flourishes while paying attention to the details of the block's orientation. Work with these trainers for a couple of weeks and I guarantee you that the strength of the grip of your fingers will improve, giving you more control and more confidence over a loose packet of playing cards.

Warning: Always use caution when handling the Rings-N-Things Cardistry Training Blocks. Be aware of what is beneath the blocks when you are manipulating them. If you drop one, you could potentially injure yourself. or damage any surface they are accidentally dropped on. Do not drop one on your foot.


Each Cardistry Training Block is professionally machined by Rings-N-Things from solid stainless steel and finished with a medical grade matte finish. The pips, indices, and back border are milled directly into the steel and will not wear off. The blocks will not tarnish, are not plated, and will never rust. They are indestructible.


  • 5 Stainless Steel Cardistry Training Blocks:
    Ace of Hearts
    2 of Hearts
    3 of Hearts
    4 of Hearts
    5 of Hearts

Stainless Steel Cardistry Training Blocks are made entirely in the USA.



Weight per ea:
4.8 oz (136g)
Weight per set:
1.5 lbs (680g)


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