NEW Magnetic Wallet (The Butt Magnet)

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NEW Magnetic Wallet (The Butt Magnet)

The NEW Rings-N-Things Magnetic Wallet (The Butt Magnet) is a slim synthetic leather wallet for your hip pocket. It's a utility device that your audience never sees. It's constructed from a high-quality RED synthetic leather and only holds one very strong 2" round N45 neodymium disc magnet with a pull force of 29 lbs.

The NEW attractive red color helps to prevent you from losing it, it won't blend in with other wallets, and alerts you to its STRONG magnetic field. Since it's never seen by your audience, the bright color is only there for your benefit. 

The 2" round magnet provides a very large area for holding out magnetic balls or any steel shimmed apparatus. The very large surface area of the magnet means you can easily ditch steel shimmed or magnetic props to the approximate vicinity of the magnet, and they will stick instantly without any fumbling. The magnet is so strong it will instantly grab any steel or magnetic item near it. The outside pocket of the wallet is foam padded to dampen the sound of hard items being grabbed by the magnet - prevents "talking".
The magnet lays flat inside the Magnetic Wallet, so it is unseen from outside the pocket. The magnet works just as well holding chopped balls, color changing knives or shimmed coins.
When the Magnetic Wallet is added to the inside jacket pocket it can be used as a quick hanger for shimmed items inside the jacket.

The Magnetic Wallet is not a usable wallet for credit cards or currency. Its only purpose is to carry the magnet and it should be kept AWAY from credit cards, data storage devices and phones.


Each Rings-N-Things Magnetic Wallet (The Butt Magnet) is a constructed from genuine high quality red synthetic leather, a 2" x 1/8" N45 neodymium disc magnet, magnetized thru its 1/8" thickness, and foam padding. The magnet is VERY strong, pull force: 29 lbs., it is not a toy.


  • 1 Magnetic Wallet.
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0.6 oz (17g)


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I am using mine to switch out a four-inch linking ring key ring with a solid one! It is a great value!

Butt wallet magnet does what it promises. Easy hold out of metal or magnetic items or pull it out to do PK.
Nicely made and perfectly priced.
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