Close Up Pad 23 x 14

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Close Up Pad 23 x 14

Designed specifically for coin magic, the Rings-N-Things Close Up Pad is a sophisticated performance surface designed to enhance the presentation of your close up show and your rehearsals. At almost two feet wide, it is large enough to do card spreads, but travels easily with the included carrying case.

Golden Rectangle
Golden Rectangle

Each Rings-N-Things Close Up Pad is proportional to a Golden Rectangle which provides an inherently natural geometric appearance. The Golden Rectangle is based upon the Golden Mean of Euclid and Aristotle. Leonardo daVinci called it the divine proportion, he considered the Golden Rectangle the most beautiful and important of quantities. It is rooted in the Fibonacci Sequence of mathematics and its' magic number: the Greek letter f ("phi").

The 23" x 14" pad conceals a short stack of playing cards, four 40mm coins and one 3" jumbo coin.
The coin slots give you quick and secret access to four 40mm coins. The slots will hold Half Dollars, Eisenhower, Morgan or Peace Dollars, or Silver Eagles. They will hold any of these coins with Coin Shells. Use it to conceal gimmicked coins like Copper/Silver, Copper/Silver/Brass, Flipper, Slippery Sam - and have instant access to the gimmick at any time during your show.
The playing card slot will hold approximately 13 playing cards. It's easier to conceal just one card, and steal just one playing card from the slot, but access to the slot is deep enough that you can pull a full stack from the slot. This means that at anytime during a performance of card magic, you could add a packet of cards to the deck and be able to perform McDonald's Aces, or Sympathetic 10, or Wild Card, or a forcing stack, or any effect requiring gimmicked cards. Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to try to steal cards "one-at-a-time" from a stack concealed in the slot, this is because you can only steal from the bottom of the stack, and friction will drag the upper cards out of the slot IF you were to try to pull only ONE from a stack. Therefore what you can effectively steal from the slot is limited to ALL cards in the slot, whether that be only one card, or a packet of cards (13 card maximum).

The Rings-N-Things Close Up Pad includes an upholstered carrying case that doubles as a servante. Easy to get into and deceptive in design, all you do is open the case and take out the table to set up the servante. The servante can be used to hold out production items or to ditch items for total vanishes. The servante is the entire length of the carrying case, is 4" deep and opens to about 4" wide.

The Close Up Pad's surface is a high quality, velvet covered, rigid working surface that is constructed from 1/4 inch board, attached by the feet to two pieces of aluminum, creating a 5/16 inch thick base. The surface is padded and superb for card, coin or ball magic, with enough spring in the surface to ensure a smooth quiet working surface, but not so much that the surface feels overly spongy.
The entire pad stands on four 1/2 inch feet. The feet are threaded and can be removed so the table can be disassembled in the event that you need to reupholster the surface.

The four non-skid feet on the Close Up Pad allow the pad to stand 1/2 inch off the surface you place it on. Two additional feet are included which raise the back edge of the pad to 1 inch off the surface. Raising the back edge tilts the table by 1/2 inch towards your audience. This gives them a better view of the surface and gives you quick access to the hidden slots.

Close Up Pad 23 x 14 Craftsmanship

Each Close Up Pad is handmade in our workshop. The fabric is able to be reupholstered if necessary by either yourself, or by us. The fabric is the highest quality Micro Velvet available today. Micro Velvet is a finer velvet than the ordinary velvet material that is on most working surfaces. You will instantly appreciate the plush feel of Micro Velvet.
The surface of the Close Up Pad is made from wood, with a 1/4" foam pad between the velvet surface and the board.
The base of the Close Up Pad is constructed entirely from aluminum.
The middle section is all aluminum with a mirror polished edge.
The bottom is aluminum, powder coated with a gloss black finish.
The carrying case with servante is constructed from heavy duty black upholstery fabric with a black Victorian vine pattern. It is rip resistant. The back of the carrying case is skid-resistant to prevent the pad from sliding on whatever surface it is placed on.

Close Up Pad 23 x 14 Includes

  • Instructions
  • 1 Fabric Case with Servante
  • 2 Optional Feet for Tilt
  • 1 Close Up Pad 23 x 14.



Height per ea:
1 1/4 inch
23 inch
14 inch
Weight per ea:
8 lb 8 oz (3.86kg)


Artist or Manufacturer:


I received a package from your company today. Upon opening the box, I was presented with the most beautiful, high quality close up mat I have ever had the pleasure of owning! Sadly, it seems these days, quality is becoming a thing of the past but thankfully there are still companies like RNT!!
You have a repeat customer! Thank you!!

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