Complete Don Alan's Chop Cup by Ron Bauer

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Complete Don Alan's Chop Cup by Ron Bauer

By Ron Bauer, Illustrated by Sandra Kort.

This is a comprehensive depiction of Don Alan's theories, handling, and presentation of the Chop Cup. It's his way of doing it, not merely a replication of a single performance.

All I can say is WOW! The 28 pages, with fabulous photos and drawings of "The Complete Don Alan Chop Cup" is all you could ask for and MORE. THE REAL WORK on how Don loaded, got the laughs and set up for doing his classic routine. This is the first time all the subtle work has been published.

"A must have for any close uppers worth their salt. A mere $15.00 for one of the greatest routines in table magic history."
--Pete Biro

28 pages, saddle stitch with stiff paper cover.



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Excellent book to start your study of the chop cup from the master himself. I especially like the tip about how many chopped balls to use!
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