Gold Metallic Crochet Ball | 2 3/8 Inch (60mm)

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Gold Metallic Crochet Ball | 2 3/8 Inch (60mm)

Our 2 3/8 Inch Crochet Load Ball is slightly smaller than a lacrosse ball and ideal for our

They make stunning loads for cups that accommodate lacrosse ball size loads, but are slightly smaller so they fit every time.

Because of their size they are excellent for concealing in the hand in that split second it takes to load the cup.


The Load Ball is constructed from a solid 2 1/4" hard wood core. The hard wood core weighs considerably less than our Heavy Load Balls but still has long term durability.


Our Crochet Balls can be safely hand washed in cold water (to preserve color) and detergent. It is recommended that these balls NOT be placed in a washing machine. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and air-dry the balls. It is NOT recommended that the balls be placed in a dryer.


  • 1 Gold Metallic Crochet Ball | 2 3/8 Inch (60mm)

Gold Metallic Crochet Ball | 2 3/8 Inch (60mm) made in USA.



2 3/8 inch (60mm)
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2.5 oz (70g)


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