Passing The Weights Set

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Passing The Weights Set


Passing The Weights Set

Under cover of the hands, four "heavy" weights sitting on a table magically jump from under one hand to under another, until they all assemble together.

This reproduction of the classic Chink-a-Chink set is based on Dai Vernon's own set of Chink-a-Chink that he carried in his close up case. The Vernon set was made by Modern Magic Company, circa 1927, and is now owned by Pop Haydn. In 2005, Pop's Vernon set was reproduced by Chris Reesman of Encore Magic. Only about 150 of the Encore Magic sets were ever produced, and they were almost identical to the Dai Vernon set. The sets we are making at Rings-N-Things today are spun on the same original blocks and tooling that Encore Magic created in 2005.

The set comes with four hollow weights and a matching shell weight. The set is supplied with instruction for the original routine.

Each set includes a luxurious redwood carrying case that has a glossy lacquer finish and vanilla colored, faux leather padded interior. The carrying case serves to protect and contain the set and makes an ideal presentation for the introduction of the weights.

SEE Craig and Ryland Petty's Review of Passing the Weights


Purchase Pop Hadyn's routine and take your set to the next level!
While a simple routine for the set is included, the advanced video instructions by Pop Hadyn are NOT INCLUDED, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Each set is spun from Brass. They are closed on the bottom with a brass plug and weighted with a internal steel disc to give them a little heft, which means each weight will attract to a magnet (although no magnets are used in the routine).

Each weight has a brushed satin finish to help facilitate palming.


  • 4 Brass Weights
  • 1 Matching Brass Shell
  • 1 Redwood carrying case
  • Instructions

Passing the Weights Set is made entirely in the USA.





Artist or Manufacturer:


I've never purchased from you before, but from reading about your products on the Cafe I did fully expect the finest product, and probably wouldn't be writing this except the box you choose to put the "Passing the Weights" in is really beautiful. Thank you for going the extra bit.

A beautifully crafted release of a scarce and very worthwhile set of precision apparatus from a great crafter/ metal worker.
What a perfect offering to us who love this routine so very much!
Instantly has become one of my favorite set of props like magic.

Just received my Passing the Weights Set - these are really nicely made and look great. I am so impressed with the high quality of your workmanship... again, and am delighted with this purchase. Congratulations on another beautifully made prop.
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