Paul Fox Chick Cups | Copper | Bright Chrome

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Paul Fox Chick Cups | Copper | Bright Chrome

Paul Fox TrademarkThe Paul Fox Chick Cup is among the first 20th century cups designed for street and stage performers. These terrific cups were named for the fact that the cups were required to be big and heavy enough to prevent a small baby chick from moving or tipping over the cups when they were concealed beneath them. To date, these cups still remain a popular and sought after style of cups for the cups and balls performer and collector. The Paul Fox Chick Cup design is a TALL cup, but a wide mouth cup. The height of the cup is so impressive that when you park your final loads on top of the cups it makes a wonderfully elevated display. When originated, the cup design was groundbreaking in that it featured a curved transition from the beads to the saddle that tall straight-walled tapered cups didn't have at the time. Three center beads accent the cup, forming the skirt and give the cup an elegant look. The attic space is huge.

Since its original conception and manufacture, many magicians have declared their appreciation and preference for this set of cups for stage and street performances.


Each cup is hand spun from the original RNT II tooling in heavy .064 copper and plated with Bright Chrome finish on it's exterior and a brushed satin Bright Nickel finish in it's interior. Each cup replicates the original Paul Fox Chick Cup design.
Made in USA


  • 3 x Paul Fox Chick Cups
  • 4 x 1 1/8" RNT Red Balls
  • Deluxe Velvet Bag

Paul Fox Chick Cups | Copper | Bright Chrome are made entirely in USA





Height per ea:
4 inch
Height per set:
7 1/8 inch
Inside Diameter:
3 1/4 inch
Inside Depth:
3 3/4 inch
Saddle Diameter:
2 inch
Dimple Depth:
1/4 inch
Weight per ea:
10.6 oz (300g)
Weight per set:
1 lb 15 oz (880g)

Recommended Balls

All Purpose:
1 1/8 inch (28mm)
2 Balls Nested:
1 1/8 inch (28mm)
3 Balls Nested:
1 1/8 inch (28mm)
Load Ball:
3 1/4 inch (82mm)


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