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Kozmo Chop Cup | Copper | Polished Finish

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Artist or Manufacturer: Rings-N-Things

Kozmo Chop Cup. This is the cup used by street magician, and founder of Kozmo Magic, "Kozmo" in his busking performances and lectures - this cup is the heavyweight version that weighs over 10oz.

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Kozmo Chop Cup | Copper | Polished Finish

Kozmo in his office

Kozmo Chop Cup | Copper. This is the cup used by street magician, and founder of Kozmo Magic, "Kozmo" in his busking performances and lectures - this cup is in the heavyweight version that weighs over 10oz.

A pair of 1 1/8 inch RNT Red Balls are included.

Perfect for street magician as it takes a beating and is built like a tank. This is a true workers cup: heavy duty and built to take a beating. It is seamlessly spun with no visible gaff. The cup is made from 2 discs of .050 gauge metals, spun together seamlessly, resulting in a solid 10.7 ounce cup. It is Copper outside, and it is Copper inside making this a beautiful and deceptive cup. This cup will pass any rigorous examination as there is no seam to be found on this cup. It looks like an ordinary metal cup but conceals a powerful gaff.

The Kozmo Chop Cup has been designed to take a full size regulation tennis ball as a final load, with very tight tolerances for fitting inside the cup, but still allowing the ball to be easily loaded without fear of the load sticking. The cup will hold a lemon, a lime, a small potato or any object that is no larger than a tennis ball.

The saddle on this cup is a flat wide diameter surface, mimicking the bottom of a normal metal cup.


Each cup is hand spun from two discs of .050" copper, creating a full .10" thick double walled cup. The exterior is a polished glossy finish. The interior of the cup is a brushed satin finish.


  • Kozmo Chop Cup
  • 1x 1 1/8 inch RNT Red Ball
  • 1x 1 1/8 inch RNT Red Magnetic Ball
  • Velvet Bag

The Kozmo Chop Cup | Copper | Polished Finish is made in the USA.





Height per ea:
3 1/4 inch
Inside Diameter:
2 15/16 inch
Inside Depth:
2 15/16 inch
Saddle Diameter:
2 1/4 inch
Dimple Depth:
1/8 inch
Weight per ea:
10.7 oz (303g)

Recommended Balls

All Purpose:
1 1/8 inch (28mm)
Load Ball:
2 5/8 inch (67mm)


Artist or Manufacturer:


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Top-notch. The weight of this cup (copper version) allows subtle handling other cups don’t. Feels terrific in the hand and seems indestructible. Love this cup.
Hands down the best chop cup for the real world.
This cup is my dream come true. Simple and sly at the same time. And WOW is it tough!