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We've upgraded our store!

RNT Administrator

If you have visited us at all in the last year, you know we made some huge improvements over previous iterations of our online store. But this time, we've really pulled out all the stops and included many new features that make accessing our inventory even easier.

All the same great discounts and features we had in the past are still available; here is a list of some of the new improvements:

  • Browsing the detailed images of the products is easier now, all you have to do is click on the thumbnail image of the product to pop up a larger high resolution image and on that same screen you can scroll thru all the detailed images we provide. No more opening and closing images one at a time!
  • REWARD POINTS have been added into the store so every purchase you make builds valuable points that can be applied to subsequent purchases, or saved up so you can apply them to a larger purchase. It's like cash back from your purchases!
  • A Hot Deal of the Day is offered on our homepage. Watch this space for updated deals on original RNT2 products!
  • Back In Stock Notification is now automatically offered on any product that is out of stock. You don't even have to have an account to utilize it, just enter your email address and we will automatically send you an email when the product is back in stock and available for purchase.
  • Our Bestsellers list is now fully dynamic. As you browse the store, you will find that the Bestsellers list reports the best selling items from each category you visit.
  • Improved browsing speed! By implementing smaller thumbnail images of the products, you will find that your pages load faster, with less time wasted waiting for pages full of pictures to load. This means you can get to all the details of the products you are really interested in quicker!
  • Shopping Options! As you browse our categories you will find a new menu that includes options for filtering the products by Price, Manufacturer & Inventory availability. This feature assists you in refining your browsing experience to just what you want.

In addition, The Insider Club is still growing and is now more predominately featured on all our pages. Once you Register an Account you are automatically enrolled in The Insider Club. Membership includes access to restricted pages of Routines and Tips that the ordinary public don't even know exists.

If you have any questions or comments, or need to report an error that you experienced, please write to us via the Contact Us link. We look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to the new RNT2,