Benson Bowl | Brass | Polished Finish

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Benson Bowl | Brass | Polished Finish

The Benson Bowl is a classic of magic. Including Goshman 2" Super Soft Red Sponge, this is a sleight of hand effect that, when executed properly, leaves an audience amazed and stunned at your skills. The bowl is completely ungimmicked and the entire effect is performed via sleight of hand methods, meaning the bowl and balls can be examined by your audience with no fears of them detecting anything. The bowl is designed to make the magician's life a little easier because the bowl has what appears to be a base spun into the bottom of the bowl, which provides a small 1/2 inch high platform for the bowl to sit on when it is mouth up. But this small base also provide other benefits. It provides a sure-grip handle for you to use to pick the bowl up when it is mouth down. It also provides slightly more headroom inside the bowl when it is mouth down - meaning that your loads can be a full 1/2 inch larger than the bowl appears to accommodate. Lastly, the bowl is finished a rolled mouth bead that protects the edges of the bowl's mouth and your hands.
Included are 4 sponge balls, 2" diameter, and the Original Don Alan Bowl Routine, published by Magic, Inc.


Each Benson Bowl is hand spun from .050" brass and polished to a glossy finish exterior with a brushed satin finish interior.


  • 1 Benson Bowl
  • 4 Goshman 2" Super Soft Red Sponge Balls
  • Instructions
  • 1 Carrying Bag





Height per ea:
2 1/2 inch
Inside Diameter:
4 1/2 inch
Inside Depth:
2 7/16 inch
Weight per ea:
6.75 oz (190g)


Artist or Manufacturer:


I just received the Brass Benson Bowl that I ordered from you, and when I opened the package picked up the bowl a BIG BIG smile suddenly and miraculously appeared on my face!

WOW! This Benson Bowl FEELS PERFECT!!!

The weight feels JUST RIGHT!

I'm really looking forward to developing my own routine with this.....

Bravo, Donnie!

Another Work of Art in my opinion!

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