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Black Chrome is Back!

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Black Chrome is Back!


Some of you may recall that I expressed problems with the Black Chrome plating process early in 2010. Samples of Black Chrome looked gorgeous, but the cups we had plated with this finish had tiny imperfections around the mouth bead, little dots of copper were showing thru the plating. We had to totally scrap a chunk of the inventory because of this problem. It was very disappointing.

But, our plating company was determined to get the job done, so they called in specialists and analyzed their process. After months of hesitation I finally trusted the samples I was seeing and provided the plater with a set of cups for Black Chrome again.

WOW! Not only are all the problems gone, but the finish is deeper and more dramatic than it was before. The Black Chrome really does look black in some light, and the chrome plating is rock solid, guaranteed not to chip, crack or peel.

As we spin more products, we are spinning enough to allocate a quantity to Black Chrome as well as our other finishes. Many products are already available in this improved finish, here is a link to them all:

CLICK HERE to browse our selection of products in Black Chrome Finish

Welcome to the new RNT2!