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Custom Monogramming is Now Available

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Custom Monogramming is Now Available!

All our cups that come with the Deluxe Velvet Bag (Large) now include the option for you to add custom monogramming to the bag. Additionally you can purchase our bags separately, with or without custom monogramming, in our Accessories category.
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It has always bothered me that in the past RNT and RNT2 merchandise included a bag with the big bold words "Ring N Things Magic" embroidered on it. While that might be fine for collectors, it is not really practical for performers who would like to really use the bag. Who wants to carry around their cups in a bag that says "magic trick" or "famous brand magic company" on the bag? Not me, and if I don't like it, I'm sure there are plenty of others that feel the same way. But at the same time, I would really like the bag to have some custom embroidered decoration on it.

My solution is to put the custom embroidery to work FOR YOU. When you purchase a set of cups that includes the Deluxe Velvet Bag (Large) you have the option to include custom monogramming on the bag. Just provide us with ONE or TWO initials in the text box and select one of the YES options from the Monogramming drop down list and we will embroider your initials on the bag in an attractive monogram style with metallic gold or silver thread.

Which color thread should you use? Whether you choose a purple, red, royal blue or black bag, both silver or gold thread look great on the bag colors. So it depends upon the cup and your personal preference. If you purchase a Chrome, Aluminum or Silver cup, I recommend a silver metallic thread, but if you purchase a Copper, Brass or Antique Bronze finish I would recommend a gold metallic thread. We believe these combination make the best looking contrast for the cups.

The Paul Fox cups are the exception to this. Each set of Paul Fox Cups, Paul Fox Mini Cups and the Paul Fox Solid Cup only come with a PF Monogrammed bag. If you want a custom embroidered monogram of YOUR initials on a bag for your PF cups, you will have to add one into your order from the Accessories category.

I'm still trying to work out a solution for the Deluxe Velvet Bags (XLarge) that are included with street size cups and cups that are just too big for our Deluxe Velvet Bag (Large), like the Mendoza Combo Cups, Phoenix II Cups and the Tall Traditional Cups. So far it's been a problem getting a good embroidery job on these bags. They are a very heavy velvet and 14" tall. Every attempt to embroider these bags has failed. But, I still hope to be able to offer these bags with a custom embroidery option someday as well.

Welcome to the new RNT2!