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Monti Combo Cups | Copper | Satin Finish

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Artist or Manufacturer: Rings-N-Things

The Rings-N-Things Monti Combo Cups are a heavier version of the Rings-N-Things Monti Cups with a chop cup in each set. 5 balls are included.

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Monti Combo Cups | Copper | Satin Finish
In stock
(0 reviews) Write a review


Monti Combo Cups | Copper | Satin Finish

The sleek look and feel of the original Harry Monti style of cups is a Rings-N-Things classic. The Monti Combo Cups are the heaviest version of the original design because of the precision spun inserts inside each of the cups. One of the cups is a powerful chop cup, but all three cups look and weigh identical.
The original Rings-N-Things Monti Cups were first introduced over 40 years ago and the style, feel and weight were hailed as perfect for the close-up magician's needs. As the only authorized maker, Rings-N-Things is proud to produce the Monti Combo Cups. Used and endorsed by Harry Monti. Copied but never duplicated.


Each cup is hand spun from .050" copper with a satin finish. The interior is a brushed satin finish. The addition of the Combo option puts these cups in a class by themselves. A lot of engineering went into these cups to make them a superior quality working combo set. 3 x 7/8" crocheted balls will nest on the saddle between these cups.


  • 2 x Monti Cups
  • 1 x Monti Chop Cup
  • 4 x 7/8" RNT Red Balls
  • 1 x 7/8" RNT Red Magnetic Ball
  • Velvet Bag

Monti Combo Cups | Copper | Satin Finish made in USA.





Height per ea:
3 inch
Height per set:
5 3/4 inch
Inside Diameter:
2 1/2 inch
Inside Depth:
2 1/2 inch
Saddle Diameter:
1 3/4 inch
Dimple Depth:
3/16 inch
Weight per ea:
7 oz (200g)
Weight per set:
1 lb 5 oz (595g)

Recommended Balls

All Purpose:
7/8 inch (22mm)
2 Balls Nested:
7/8 inch (22mm)
3 Balls Nested:
7/8 inch (22mm)
Load Ball:
2 3/8 inch (60mm)


Artist or Manufacturer:


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