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Morgan Dollar Expanded Shell - Heads

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Artist or Manufacturer: Tango Magic
1883 Slick

One Morgan Dollar Shell - Heads. Probably the most important coin gimmick in all of coin magic.

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Morgan Dollar Expanded Shell - Heads
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Morgan Dollar Expanded Shell - Heads

In this package you will find the exact coin photographed above. The photographs show the date and slickness of the exact same coin you will receive. Choose the Date and Grade option you prefer and add it to the cart. Each Morgan Dollar Expanded Shell is a finely crafted gimmicked coin shell produced by Tango Magic.

Tango Magic produces some of the highest quality gimmicked coins in the world. Tango stands behind their products to guarantee your success. As a bonus to thank you for your purchase, Tango has included in this package Tangopedia, a four-hour instructional DVD. This DVD includes basic instructions for more than 50 gimmick coin routines using a variety of specialty coins such as Expanded Shell-Coins, Copper/Silver/Brass, Scotch and Soda, Pen Through Coin, Folding Coins, Okito Boxes, and more. From this DVD you will learn the basics of using your new Tango Magic products as well as gaining insight into the amazing of possibilities the Tango line of coins provides.


  • 1 Morgan Dollar Expanded Shell
  • DVD with dozens of routines



Sterling Silver


Artist or Manufacturer:
Tango Magic


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