Paul Fox Mini Solid Cup | Copper | Polished Finish

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Paul Fox Mini Solid Cup | Copper | Polished Finish

Paul Fox TrademarkNOW available for the first time: a SOLID Paul Fox Mini Cup for Kicker and Sucker effects. You cannot tell the difference between this cup and a standard Paul Fox Mini Cup and it looks and feels for all the world like a solid hunk of copper!

One of the most popular and sought after style of cups for the cups and balls is the Paul Fox style cup. The Paul Fox cup design was among the first cup created exclusively for cups and balls performers that featured a rounded top. Since its conception and manufacture, many magicians have contributed moves to the performance of cups and balls that can best be accomplished with a rounded top cup. Now the famous Paul Fox design is available in this miniature replica set, allowing the cups and balls performer to bring a small set of cups to any venue and include a performance of the cups and balls in the most "close up" of situations.

Several leading magicians have demonstrated techniques for invisibly switching in a kicker cup near the end of their routines for fantastic psychological bonus surprises that completely baffle audiences. Imagine adding this cup to YOUR routine! Because this cup is a MINI size cup, you will find it easier to boldly switch it in to your cups. In fact it can even be carried in the pocket and with the proper audience management and misdirection brought into play invisibly much more easily than a full size cup can.


Each cup is hand spun from .040" copper and polished to a glossy finish. The cup is NOT a solid chunk of copper, but rather constructed from two pieces, filled with sand, and bonded together seamlessly.


  • 1 Paul Fox Mini Solid Cup
  • Velvet Bag

Paul Fox Mini Solid Cup | Copper | Polished Finish made in USA.





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