Pete Biro's Ramsay Cups and Balls | Aluminum | Satin Finish

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Artist or Manufacturer:Rings-N-Things


Pete Biro's Ramsay Cups and Balls | Aluminum | Satin Finish

5/8" Black Balls INCLUDED!

John RamsayWhen John Ramsay developed his cups and balls routine he used two small cups that were originally cardboard ice cream containers and painted them silver. The ice cream containers had a recess in their bottoms that formed a deep, secure saddle on the tops of the cups when they were inverted. John capitalized on this recessed saddle and incorporated it into his routine. The result of that magical thinking is a terrific routine that can only be performed with cups that have the deep recessed saddle. If you haven't learned the Ramsay Two Cup routine, then you're missing out on a long overlooked, but GREAT routine with a super PUNCH for an ending.

Some years ago Pete Biro, famed photographer and magician, had the original Rings 'N Things make his version of the Ramsay Two Cup set. Pete Biro, known for his gracious manner in magic, issued Rings-N-Things the rights to re-issue his classic set and style of cup. Pete has also made available the original Ramsay Routine, exclusively available through Pete Biro.

With the addition of Pete Biro's booklet that teaches you the original John Ramsay Cups and Balls routine, you have detailed instructions that utilize the features of these cups. Pete's booklet covers the entire routine and we are certain that you will find it a valuable addition to your cups and balls arsenal! 

The included routine requires the little black balls - just like John Ramsay used to use.

HOWEVER: 1" BALLS WILL NEST BETWEEN THESE CUPS. And not just one, but THREE entire 1" balls will nest! So if you want to use the cups for a more traditional style of cups and balls, with bigger more visible balls, or with magnetic 1" balls - then you are able to!

AND THAT'S NOT ALL! Each cup has a strong neodymium magnet hidden inside - it's WAY TOO STRONG for the little 5/8" balls, but it will hold a 1 5/8" magnetic ball for a final load - or other items you would want to attach to the inside of the cup! We don't consider this a true "COMBO" set of cups and balls, as both cups have a magnet, and no magnetic ball is included (again, the magnetic pull force is too great for the little 5/8" balls included), but it is an included gimmick that a creative magician will find useful.


Each cup is hand spun from the re-worked original Rings 'N Things tooling in beautiful satin aluminum.


  • 2 Pete Biro's Ramsay Cups
  • 4 x 5/8" Black Balls
  • Pete Biro's 28 page booklet teaching the Ramsay Cups Routine
  • Velvet Bag





Height per ea:
3 inch
Saddle Diameter:
2 inch
Dimple Depth:
3/8 inch
Weight per ea:
2.2 oz (62g)
Weight per set:
4.4 oz (124g)

Recommended Balls

All Purpose:
5/8 inch (16mm)
2 Balls Nested:
5/8 inch (16mm)
3 Balls Nested:
5/8 inch (16mm)
Load Ball:
2 3/8 inch (60mm)


Artist or Manufacturer:


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