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RNT II - Under New Management

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Cleveland, OH -- March 1, 2009 -- After months of speculation, RNT II Magic manufacturer is SOLD.

Magpie Magic, an Ohio Limited Liability Company announces its acquisition of the assets of Virginia based RNT II Magic, Inc. RNT II Magic, Inc. & Rings 'N Things is a magic apparatus manufacturer with a world-wide customer base and has been widely renowned in the magic industry for the hand-spun metal products and exotic wood products since 1976.

Acquired assets include the trade names of "RNT II" and "Rings 'N Things", the Paul Fox monogram registered trademark, the domain name, the original designs and tooling for the Rings 'N Things & RNT II product lines, exclusive manufacturing rights for both product lines, and existing inventory.

Don Buckley, President of Magpie says, "The Rings 'N Things and RNT II products are great products. The product line is extensive and sophisticated. The tooling is in good condition and there is so much of it that I have, overnight, now become the largest manufacturer of Cups and Balls in the world. I look forward to continuing the product line and keeping the legacy alive."

The RNT II and Ring 'N Things products include 20 different styles of cups for Cups and Balls and 10 different styles of Chop Cups. Of these cups, almost all can be produced in 5 different metals and 6 different finishes, resulting in approximately 300 cup variations. Buckley says, "Cups and Balls are our core product. It's an ambitious project. I want to increase the amount of inventory on each variation to reduce special order situations; additionally, I intend to bring back some products that were discontinued and I am introducing Sterling Silver as a new metal that we will be using for producing cups. I'm excited!"

Regarding the question of anticipated changes to the existing product line, Buckley responds, "Over the last five years Jake Zimmerman has put an extensive amount of work and modifications into the tooling for the metal-spun product line. Some older designs were improved and entirely new designs were created. There is little improvement to be made with regard to the design of those products. My goal is to maintain the standard of excellence that has already been achieved. I do however have designs for a modification to two of the existing cups that will result in an entirely new line of cups that are really going to turn some heads."

Additionally, Magpie Magic states that it intends to continue the production of magic apparatus constructed from exotic woods RNT II has developed over the last five years.  Buckley states, "I have at my disposal a master craftsman furniture maker who also happens to be a magician whose specialty is hand carving and custom scroll work. The half-ton of exotic and rare woods from all over the world purchased with RNT II is already in the hands of my woodworker, and we will initially be focusing on producing exotic wands, tables and cases, introducing cups and bowls later. It is a priority of Magpie Magic to offer a quality wooden alternative to the carrying bag that compliments and secures cups, as no one is currently making such a thing. The initial table designs that we have worked out are all high-end tables for the home parlor, but we are looking forward to building some quality light-weight portable designs that are affordable to street performers. Table tops that are portable enough to replace a close-up mat, but large enough to be usable are already under construction, as are a beautiful array of wands."

Magpie Magic’s new website is near completion, with an expected launch date of April 1st, 2009. Buckley states that the website, which will employ the CS Cart software solution, is the primary distribution channel for a world-wide customer base. "The new website allows customers to be able to browse the product line 24 hours a day, view stock quantities, place an order, choose a shipping carrier and shipping cost that is calculated in real time, track the progress of their order and shipment, communicate directly with us, write and read reviews of the products & access their account and order history.  Using CS Cart, we are now able to instantly apply promotions and discounts; give the customer incentives and offer Reward Points to increase customer retention.  As RNT II’s products have always and will continue to speak for themselves, our success will be determined by the level of satisfaction that our customers receive.  Through our new website, we are looking forward to being able to bring to magicians not only the highest quality of products they have come to expect from RNT and RNT II, but the highest level of customer service imaginable.”