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Snow Napped!

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dEar Mr BuCKley

if YoU EVer waNT to SEe YOuR SnOw blOWer ALive, yOU beTtER hIRe jIMmY frOm DOWn tHe sTrEET tO SHovEl yOuR SidEWaLK AgaIN.

ITwaS NoT vERy nIcE Of yOU to bUy ThaT TOrO 1800 pOWEr Curve sNow BLOwer. haSn`T jiMMy ALWAyS GiVEn YoU goOD SeRVicE? Don'T yOu kNOw JIMmy nEedS tHE moNEy HE earNS FRoM SHOvElinG sNow? hE'S JUst a KID. he CAN't wORk A rEaL joB YEt. AnD nOW yoU aND the ToRO 1800 hAVE takeN aWAy His OnlY sOUrcE Of INcoME.

iF You EVEr wANT to HEaR thE PURrinG oF tHAt 15 AmP MOTor AgAIn, Or AdJUsT tHE 160-DEgrEe CHutE, Or wRAp yOuR HaNdS aRoUNd ThAt ERGonoMiC hAndLE, giVE jIMmy HIS old JOb BaCk, At LeAst uNtIL hE'S oLD eNOugH TO gEt A woRK pErMiT.

1WaY oR ANothEr, YoU wILL paY!

A coNCeRNEd CItizEN (nOT JiMmY)


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