Galli Galli Cups | Copper | Satin Finish

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Galli Galli Cups | Copper | Satin Finish

1 1/8" RNT Red Balls Included
The Galli Galli Cups in Copper | Satin Finish are BACK!
The Galli Galli cups are a legendary jumbo size cup, designed by Pete Biro. Through an agreement with Pete, Rings-N-Things is proud to be able to make the Galli Galli Cups available again. The cups have been long out of production and were last made about a decade ago. They were well received at that time by street and stage magicians because they are a tall cup that shows up well from a distance and will hold a very large load size. Oranges, baseballs, and baby chicks fit perfectly into these cups.

To keep the cost down, we opted for a lighter gauge copper for these cups. Still not a light-weight cup, the cups are spun from .050" gauge metal. The result is a very nice cup with a solid feel to it. It's not as hefty as the Paul Fox Chick Cups or the Gazzo Street Cups, but they are comparable in size and function; and are very nice in their own right.

Galli Galli Cups | Copper | Satin Finish Craftsmanship

Each cup is hand spun by Rings-N-Things from the original Pete Biro tooling in .050 copper with a satin finish on it's exterior and a brushed satin copper finish in it's interior.

Galli Galli Cups | Copper | Satin Finish Include

  • 3 x Galli Galli Cups
  • 4 x 1 1/8 inch RNT Red Balls
  • 1 x Carrying Bag

Galli Galli Cups | Copper | Satin Finish made entirely in USA.





Height per ea:
4 1/16 inch
Height per set:
7 1/8 inch
Inside Diameter:
3 3/8 inch
Inside Depth:
4 1/16 inch
Saddle Diameter:
2 1/4 inch
Dimple Depth:
3/16 inch
Weight per ea:
7.8 oz (221g)
Weight per set:
1 lb 7 oz (663g)

Recommended Balls

All Purpose:
1 1/8 inch (28mm)
2 Balls Nested:
1 1/8 inch (28mm)
3 Balls Nested:
1 1/8 inch (28mm)
Load Ball:
3 1/4 inch (82mm)


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