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Cups and Balls by Bob White DVD This DVD will help you learn how to correctly do these critical techniques. It also includes a complete routine that can be done with any cups. Or, portions may be incorporated into your present routine. If you are a beginner, this DVD will be invaluable....

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Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box | Cherry The Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box with Lippincott feature is a stunning work of craftsmanship. Constructed from Cherry with dovetail joints, redundant tiny neodymium magnets, a recessed solid brass hinge and a chamfered lid, the Ring Box is...

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Rice Bowls | Aluminum | Mirror Finish The Rice Bowls are an eastern classic of magic. The magician shows an empty bowl and fills it with rice. A second bowl is placed mouth down over the full bowl. The magician, while holding the two bowls snugly together, picks them up, raises them over his...

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Steel Jumping Gems The Rings-N-Things Steel Jumping Gems consist of 2 matching, nickel plated steel paddles with bright blue Swarovski crystals embedded in them and a bright red Swarovski crystal for the finale. Each paddle is 4" long. A leather-like carrying cases for the two rods, essential...

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Topit Workshop (3 DVD Set) by Bob Fitch You owe it to yourself to see the best work on the subject of the Topit, The Bob Fitch " Topit Workshop ." This amazing training set will cause a paradigm shift in the way magicians think of using the Topit: a fantastic tool that will revolutionize your...