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Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box | Cherry

The Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box with Lippincott feature is a stunning work of craftsmanship. Constructed from Cherry with dovetail joints, redundant tiny neodymium magnets, a recessed solid brass hinge and a chamfered lid, the Ring Box is designed to perform a variety of magic tasks, and built to last for years.
As a standard Lippincott Box, the Ring Box is as close to perfection as you could hope for. It is large enough to hold a silver dollar inside, so a borrowed finger ring will do just as well, it is small enough to fit in your pocket if you wish to put it there, and the gimmick is totally invisible to the naked eye. Wrap the Ring Box with a ribbon and tie a bow in it and it's a beautiful presentation piece for a spectator to hold and guard while you vanish a borrowed finger ring. You do not need to have a lock on the box for the audience to know that the box is securely closed and there is no way you could have "snuck" that finger ring into the Ring Box!

But the Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box is not just an ordinary Lippincott style box, but rather a versatile little tool for Card to Ring Box as well. We took a suggestion from world famous magician Tommy Wonder and left the lid loose (but secure) with one solid brass surface mounted hinge. This allows you to perform the move that Tommy teaches in his Books of Wonder series for his Card to Ring Box effect. Included with each box is a small gimmick for quickly and securely adding a 'dummy' folded card to the box prior to starting the Card to Ring Box effect.

Imagine: Perform the Borrowed Ring or Marked Coin to Ring Box effect. At the end of the effect, the spectator opens the box and dumps out its contents confirming it is the same coin or ring. Take the box back, close the lid, place the box in plain view and begin a card routine that ends up with a signed & selected card, folded up inside the very same ring box that was just emptied by the spectator. That's powerful magic that you can only do with the Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box.

Please note: Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box is NOT a recreation of Tommy Wonder's Ring Box as described in the Books of Wonder, nor is the Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box an official Tommy Wonder licensed product. It is our design, our dimensions, and it is a Lippincott Box first, and specifically, it is a Lippincott Box designed to hold a coin up to the size of a Silver Dollar. The loose lid and a lack of a lock and hasp on this Lippincott Box simply ALLOWS you to perform the Tommy Wonder move described in the Books of Wonder and his L&L DVD series. If you do not own these instructional sources, please purchase those products so you can learn all the fine details of this fabulous effect and take full advantage of the Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box as a Card to Ring Box prop. We feel that is worth noting in this product's description.


The Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box is made entirely from Cherry hardwood, with hand cut dovetailed corners, a chamfered lid and recessed solid brass hinge. The hinge is carefully selected to ensure a smooth opening and closing lid. The interior is padded with black fabric to provide a quiet surface for a coin or ring to come to rest, and to catch and hold the folded card gimmick.


  • 1 Magpie Magic Lippincott Ring Box
  • 1 Velvet carrying bag
  • 1 Folded Playing Card Gimmick
  • Instructions



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