Brahmin Rice Bowls | Aluminum | Polished Finish

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Brahmin Rice Bowls | Aluminum | Polished Finish

The Brahmin Rice Bowls are an updated version of an eastern classic of magic.
The magician shows two empty bowls and fills one wth rice. The other bowl is turned mouth down and used to level the rice in the full bowl, then it is placed mouth down onto the full bowl. The two bowls will hold snugly together because of their design. The magician picks them up, inverts them and sets them back down again. Upon lifting the upper bowl, the rice is found to have nearly doubled in quantity! The magician pours the rice out of the bowl and again nests the two bowls together mouth to mouth, lifts them, inverts them and after a moment opens the bowls up to reveal that the bottom bowl is now full of water!
A self contained Lota principle is built into one of the bowls so there is nothing to get rid of and no fear of accidents happening as in the original method.


Each Brahmin Rice Bowl set is hand spun from .050" aluminum and polished to a glossy finish exterior with a brushed satin finish interior.


  • 1 Brahmin Rice Bowl Set
  • 1 Carrying Bag





Height per ea:
2 1/4 inch
Inside Diameter:
4 1/4 inch
Weight per set:
5.5 oz (156g)


Artist or Manufacturer:


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