Steel Hot Rod | Color Changing Crystals

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Steel Hot Rod | Color Changing Crystals

Sometime around 1970, the brilliant close up magician James Zachary, known as Jim Zee, invented a paddle trick named the Hot Rod. Our Steel Hot Rod | Color Changing Crystals is a redesign of his paddle trick, where 6 gem stones changed colors on both sides of a rod.

The effect is a time tested audience-pleaser and is mind-boggling to laymen. You show the paddle to have 6 different colored crystals on both sides, have a spectator name a number between one and six and count, or spell, their selected number on the crystals, resulting in a selected color. Make a magical gesture and the crystals all change to the selected color - on both sides. Make another magical gesture and the crystals change back to all different.
Because it is easy to perform, close-up magicians have included the effect, with great success, in their repertoire for decades. It packs small, is easily carried in the pocket, can be performed surrounded, and can be performed standing. It has the additional benefit of being a highly visual piece of magic.

Being made from steel means the Steel Hot Rod is naturally attracted to magnets. Being able to hold-out any of our Steel Hot Rods with a magnet provides you with the ability to utilize one of our Magnetic Wallets to quickly and deceptively switch one of our Hot Rods for another.


Steel Hot Rod | Color Changing Crystals is a 4 inch steel rod. It is professionally machined from cold-rolled steel and electroplated with Bright Nickel. The crystals are large 7mm Swarovski Crystals, recessed in the steel rod. The height and width of the rod is not a square proportion, it is rectangular (wider than it is high), which makes the paddle move easier to perform flawlessly. The solid steel construction provides a good weight to the rod, making it comfortable to handle. The Bright Nickel finish makes the rod a beautiful addition to your close up magic, elevating what used to be a "plastic trick" to the a rich piece of apparatus which you will be proud to own.


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Steel Hot Rod | Color Changing Crystals is assembled on demand, please allow a couple of days for construction.
Steel Hot Rod | Color Changing Crystals is made entirely in the USA.





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This looks nice, and likely feels it. One note: When Jim Zee made these in the '70s, they were done in solid, clear lucite, not a chincy "plastic trick" like later knockoffs. The spectator could see thru the sides, to see all 12 gem settings-but not the actual color, as the holes were lined- which gave a 'nothing to hide, no moving parts' vibe to it. While not transparent, this metal version has a quality all its own, a worthy successor.
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