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If you have visited us at all in the last year, you know we made some huge improvements over previous iterations of our online store. But this time, we've really pulled out all the stops and...
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Exotic wooden chop cups It's taken a long time to get to the ton of exotic wood that we have, but some very nice chop cups are now rolling off the lathe. Cocobolo, Lemonwood, Patagonian...
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Email Address Login In a continuing effort to make our online store more accessible and easier to navigate, we have changed the login procedure so that you no longer have to create or remember...
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RNT will exhibit at TAOM 2011 I've finally decided that I will be attending and exhibiting as a dealer at the Texas Association of Magicians convention in San Antonio, Texas September 2nd...
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Black Chrome is Back! BLACK CHROME! Some of you may recall that I expressed problems with the Black Chrome plating process early in 2010. Samples of Black Chrome looked gorgeous, but the...
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Moonlight Magic Productions Arrives at RNT2 I'm pleased to announce that Wands and Okito Coin Boxes from Moonlight Magic Productions have been added to our inventory. Wands -...
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Custom Monogramming is Now Available! All our cups that come with the Deluxe Velvet Bag (Large) now include the option for you to add custom monogramming to the bag. Additionally you can...
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The new RNT2 store is finally open! During the last 6 months we have worked diligently to build all of the products that RNT and RNT II has been famous for over the last several decades, and...
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Cleveland, OH -- March 1, 2009 -- After months of speculation, RNT II Magic manufacturer is SOLD. Magpie Magic, an Ohio Limited Liability Company announces its acquisition of the assets of...
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