Extractor V2 E2 (with DVD and Gimmick)

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Extractor V2 E2 (with DVD and Gimmick)


Extractor V2 E2 (with DVD and Gimmick)

What can the Extractor V2 E2 do for you?
Do you want to make a signed card appear impossibly in your pocket?
Or a signed card appear in a sealed deck of a different color - IN THE CORRECT POSITION?
AND choose which brand of poker cards you install your gimmick into?
If you answered YES then you need the Extractor 2 (E2) in your life!

An astounding card trick that combines mind reading under "challenge" conditions AND a signed card to pocket that is just mind-blowing. Plus it's easy to do. It's a utility device that provides you with both a peek and a steal of a card that is INSIDE the card box.

This is the second evolution of Rob Bromley and Peter Nardi's Extractor. The original version included a gimmick that could not be removed from the card box. V2 includes a gimmick that can be placed into any card box you prefer and can even be slid partially from the card box during the presentation for an increased casual and convincing handling of the gimmick. Some really good additional material has been included on the instructional DVD as well.

Extractor V2 E2 (with DVD and Gimmick) Includes

  • Instructional DVD.
  • 1 Extractor V2 E2 Gimmick.



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When I want to be able to perform just ONE card trick. This is the trick I do.
Under challenge/controlled conditions a playing card is freely selected - I put the entire deck of cards in their hands and have them mix them, look at their faces and select one.
They sign their name across the card's face.
They place the card back into the card box. I never see the back of the card, I never touch the card.
Yet... I can reveal the name of their card and transport the exact same signed card to my pants pocket.
The trick contains mental magic that is unexplainable AND the appearance of their signed card in my pocket.
The effect leaves a spectator stunned. And on occasion I've heard "Donnie, that was BAD ASS!".
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