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JES Squatty 2 Cups | Copper | Satin Finish

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Artist or Manufacturer: Rings-N-Things

The JES Squatty 2 Cups are a magnificent rendering of one of our most popular style and sizes of cups for the cups and balls. Their design is an overhaul of the original JESMagic's JES Squatty cup as designed by Dr. Jonathan Schweid.

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JES Squatty 2 Cups | Copper | Satin Finish

The JES Squatty 2 Cups are one of our most beautiful style of cups for the cups and balls. The three shoulder beads add a design element to the profile of the cup that is very attractive. The shoulder beads change from being purely functional to being an artistic treatment. Being a medium size cup, the beads fill up the middle of the cup, and shrink the skirt area.
Dimensionally the cups are almost identical to Paul Fox Cups, but the JES Squatty 2 cup design is an overhaul of the original JESMagic's JES Squatty cup as designed by Dr. Jonathan Schweid. The Squatty 2 Cups have a slightly larger load capacity than the Original JES Cups did.


Each cup is hand spun from .050" copper with a brushed satin finish. The interior is a brushed satin finish.


  • 3 JES Squatty 2 cups
  • 4 x 1" RNT Red Balls
  • Velvet Bag





Height per ea:
2 3/4 inch
Height per set:
5 1/2 inch
Inside Diameter:
2 5/8 inch
Inside Depth:
2 5/8 inch
Saddle Diameter:
1 5/8 inch
Dimple Depth:
1/8 inch
Weight per ea:
4.5 oz (128g)
Weight per set:
13 oz (368g)

Recommended Balls

All Purpose Balls:
1 inch (25mm)
2 Balls Nested:
1 inch (25mm)
3 Balls Nested:
1 inch (25mm)
Load Ball:
2 3/8 inch (60mm)


Artist or Manufacturer:


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These cups are absolutely fantastic! They are very well balanced, they make some moves even easier and they even look beautiful.

I have been doing Cups and Balls for a long time in three of my period-specific acts with cups made to suit for each of them. The JES Squatty 2 cups will fit in very nicely with two of them. This is not my first set of RNT2 cups and they will certainly not be my last because the craftsmanship is unbeatable and the customer service is among the best in the magic business.

Thanks for supplying us with beautiful, high-quality products Donnie!